We at The Grange Nursery are so sad to hear that New Zealand’s oldest and most sacred tree is in danger from a fungal disease known as Kauri Dieback.

The disease is spreading wildly across the country.

2,500 year old Tāne Mahuta which translates as: Lord of the Forest, is a giant Kauri tree in the Waipoua Forest in Northern NZ.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Māori people, consider is sacred and regard it as a living ancestor. If it gets infected, it would be to them much like losing a much-loved relative.

The beautiful, and majestic tree is 13.77 metres across and over 50 metres tall.

The fungal disease, Kauri Dieback is relentless and extremely difficult to contain. It causes most infected trees to die and confirmed cases have been found in trees 60 metres from Tāne Mahuta.

We here at The Grange will keep everything crossed, in the hope that the tremendous efforts to protect Tāne Mahuta are successful.

If you’ve ever visited this incredible tree, we’d love to hear about it! Comment below or email at info@thegrangenursery.co.uk



6 thoughts on “2,500 year old tree Tāne Mahuta needs your help!”

  1. It’s so sad. Let’s hope this tree survives. It’s magnificent. We visited it on a trip to New Zealand a few years ago. It was be so so sad to see it killed by that nasty fungus.

  2. It really would! How amazing that you saw it. I bet that was incredible. If you have any pictures we would love to see them, if you’re happy to share?


    The Grange.

  3. I will try and dig them out of the loft. It really was so so beautiful. the people there love that tree so very much too.

    1. We absolutely will Dhalia, thanks for your message. We will post an update in the next few days.


      The Grange Nursery, UK

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