Credit: Peter Drench / Woodland Trust PA Media
Tree of the Year 2019🌳
“Now is your chance to vote for your favourite trees in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as we reveal the shortlists in our Tree of the Year contest.
Once we have a winning tree from each country’s public vote, a panel of experts will select one of the four trees to go forward to represent the UK in the European Tree of the Year competition.
By voting for your tree of the year, you will also be entered into our Tree of the Year prize draw – the winner will receive a £100 voucher thanks to our partner Sainsbury’s, for you to use in any of its stores or online.
Voting is open until noon on 27 September 2019 and you can only vote for one tree in each country.

Each winner will also be awarded £1,000 to be spent on improving the tree’s health, signage or a community celebration.

Adam Cormack, head of campaigning at the Woodland Trust, said the aim was to protect trees as many are “constantly under threat of felling due to inappropriate developments”.

He said: “We have a fantastic number of ancient and veteran trees and many notable urban trees.”

Voting closes on 27 September.”


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