Why are trees important?

This is a question that is usually first asked in infant school, perhaps again in juniors, and re-clarified a few times in secondary school, but unless you study a subject specifically to do with the environment and nature, how often do we think about the answer to this question in adulthood?

We breathe, we dance in the rain (and complain about it, we are British after all), we have a basic underlying level of acknowledgement that we are emitting Carbon Dioxide at a steady rate, but we don’t often stop to consider the repercussion of the constant destruction of trees on our planet.

There are more and more charities and organisations being created to help reduce deforestation. The simple concept of cut down a tree and plant 1 seems to satisfy many people. Sadly, considering half of the world’s Rainforests’ are already gone, this simply doesn’t seem like enough.

That’s why at Grange Nursery, the massive perk of knowing we are helping to make the UK that bit greener, means the world to us. It’s why when you talk to us, you will hear enthusiasm about your projects and our genuine love of Arboriculture.

See a video below from NASA that is super cool, it shows the levels of CO2 over the course of the year with a great explanation of our planet’s use for it…. Enjoy!


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